green motherCome with me down the winding path that leads from my cottage home to the light-filled studio where I work, sheltered by ancient oaks and hemlocks. The timeless images and symbols that move through my work are drawn from the deep well of our collective consciousness and inspired by the Dance of Life that flows through all.

With the skill that comes from thirty years at my craft, I skillfully construct richly detailed jewelry that speaks of the cycle of the seasons, of Life and Death, of earth and water, wind and fire. And yet, even after the stones are set and the polishing is done, the piece awaits that special, magical synergy that only occurs when that work is selected by the person it was meant for.

The S and R that mark my work are the
Norse runes Sowelu and Raido,
meaning respectively, Wholeness and Journey.
This is jewelry that speaks to the Wise Self
in each of us.
This is jewelry that brings us Home.